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About Us

Founded in 2022 as a boutique firm specializing in Human Resources and Strategy, Kay Emm Consulting has evolved to include Project Management and Leadership, expanding its services to encompass key organizational areas. As a leader in remote work, Kay Emm operates fully remotely, enabling it to efficiently serve clients globally. The firm excels in assisting businesses in transitioning to and thriving in remote environments, offering expertise in remote-friendly HR policies, digital collaboration, and ensuring seamless remote operations.

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Introducing TalentFusion HR

The latest feather in our cap is the introduction of TalentFusion HR, a dedicated product service focused on fractional HR work and HR talent management. TalentFusion HR is designed to cater to the dynamic needs of businesses seeking flexible and expert HR solutions. This new department underscores our commitment to innovation in HR practices, helping organizations manage their human resources with greater agility, efficiency, and strategic insight.


With Kay Emm Consulting at your side, experience a partnership that brings forth transformation, leadership, and a future-focused approach to navigating the complexities of HR, strategic development, and organizational dynamics.


"Activating Transformation, Unleashing Potential"

At the core of our mission lies a steadfast commitment to transform the workforce by placing people at its heart. We envision a workplace where every individual's experience is enriched, equal opportunities are the norm, and standard practices are not just efficient, but also ethically sound and human-centric. This transformation is not just about enhancing productivity; it's about fostering a culture of inclusivity, respect, and holistic growth. We believe that by prioritizing the well-being and development of people, we not only build stronger organizations but also contribute to a more equitable and thriving professional world.

Meet the Team

What Are My Clients Saying


"Working with Kay Emm Consulting at Ado Ato Pictures for the past year has been a pleasure, and I've always been impressed with the work they do as an HR consultant. Our team has benefited greatly from Daniella's meticulous attention to detail, effective communication abilities, and capacity to develop creative HR solutions. I love Daniella's personal touch; it makes her stand out. She takes the time to get to know each member of our team personally, which enables her to offer specialized solutions that are suited to our particular requirements. Her approachable nature makes it safe for team members to voice their concerns and talk about delicate subjects. I highly recommend Daniella, period. She is a true professional who goes above and beyond for her clients."


"I worked with Daniella Powell from Kay Emm on creating an employee handbook and making sure my business was compliant. Daniella was great to work with - knowledgeable, professional, and tailored her solutions to my needs. She created a clear and easy-to-understand handbook and went above and beyond in helping me navigate the complex regulations. I highly recommend Daniella and Kay Emm's services to anyone who needs help with employee handbooks and compliance."

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